Faraday Bags

TechXpress is a trusted supplier of faraday bags to the government, military and defence industry. This bag is designed for securing mobile phones, laptops, car key fobs, and more. They are small, portable, and affordable, leaving you untrackable, unhackable, and untraceable.

Faraday Sleeves

Protect your devices from unauthorised access with faraday sleeves. TechXpress provides a selection of faraday products from various sizes and styles to perfectly fit your needs. Have peace of mind, knowing that your devices are secured from threats.

RFID Signal-blocking Bag & Sleeves

Using the most advanced technology, the material provides maximum security to ensure your devices and data are kept safe 24/7. This means your gadgets are blocked from Bluetooth, Wifi, wireless, cellular, GPS, RFID/NFC, EMF radiation, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and solar flares. These products are trusted by the government, defence, and military bodies. TechXpress offers a full range of faraday products including bags, sleeves, key fobs, and backpacks. Contact TechXpress today to find a solution for your organisation.