Portable PA System

Techxpress is a leading supplier for portable PA systems. Our PA systems are designed to facilitate for robust sound delivery in varied environments including schools, organisations, and public speaking events.Have peace of mind knowing that our PA systems are durable and built to last. Contact TechXpress today for a solution for your organisation today.

Portable PA System with Wireless Microphone

Does your school require new and reliable portable PA Systems? TechXpress sell the latest and best portable PA system brands to schools across Australia. We are an approved supplier with the NSW Department of Education and Queensland Government Schools.

MiPro Portable PA System

Unlock unparalleled audio experiences with MiPro Portable PA Systems. Steeped in a commitment to delivering not just products, but versatile, dependable audio solutions, MiPro caters to all, from small classroom interactions to broad, open-space communications. Let’s delve a bit into the models that have been orchestrating powerful audio delivery across diverse venues:
- MiPro MA-700: Your compact yet powerful ally for medium-sized venues, ensuring every syllable is captured and projected with precision.
- MiPro MA-708: A robust companion for larger gatherings, where its potent audio output ensures your message reverberates even in expansive spaces. - MiPro MA-101: Small in size, mighty in impact. Ideal for personal use, seminars, and small-scale meetings where clarity can’t be compromised.
- MiPro MA-300: Bridging the gap between small and medium sized venues, this model brings to you an impeccable balance of power and clarity.
With MiPro, witness your words traverse seamlessly across every ear in the room, crafting an audial impact that resonates, regardless of the scale of your event. Contact TechXpress today to see which model would best suit your school