Tips for Choosing iPad Cases for Schools

Tips for Choosing iPad Cases for Schools - TechXpress Blog

Are you looking for iPad cases for students? Then you’ve come to the right place! While these devices help the children have a more comprehensive and engaging learning experience while at school, it’s fair to say that leaving them without a case can lead to some unfortunate events.

However, you can effectively keep the iPads safe with the right case. Here is TechXpress’s short guide to help you choose the best iPad case for your school’s tech supplies.

1. Compatibility

The first thing to look for in a case for the iPad is, of course, compatibility. An iPad mini will need a different case than a larger iPad model, like a 10.2-inch iPad. If your school has multiple models for children, your search should first focus on vendors who can accommodate multiple iPad sizes and compatibility.

Additionally, you can also consider other features the protective case should have that can help the children. For example, if they also need to use the Apple pencil, then a case with a pencil holder is a natural choice. Children can simply add the pencil back to the holder at the end of class, which will reduce the risk of lost pencils that need to be replaced.

2. Protection Levels

Ideally, the case should keep the iPad safe on multiple levels, having an ipad screen protector, drop protection features, and even a hand strap for the children to easily hold on to the tablet while using it.

We recommend looking for a protective ipad case reinforced with EVA foam, which can cushion the fall of a tablet and minimise the risk of cracks, especially regarding the screens. Moreover, cases with a smart cover are a smart choice for your school, as they can allow the iPad to be used while the screen is protected.

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3. Heavy Duty iPad Cases

Your school isn’t just looking for any case for the iPad. It needs one that can handle multiple children using it every day, meaning the aspect of ‘heavy duty’ is essential. There are models of iPad protection cases specifically designed for heavy-duty which can withstand the wear and tear of everyday activity a lot better than regular cases.

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4. Cost

Lastly, there is the topic of the price tag. Apple accessories can run rather high, so a huge priority for schools is looking for vendors who can offer affordable iPad cases.

While purchasing protective cases will save your school money long-term by reducing the need for ipad or tablet repairs or changes, you should also look for vendors who can accommodate bulk orders. This can drastically cut down the price of the individual case.

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