Do Students Need Headphones To Complete NAPLAN Online?


If you’re an administrator preparing for NAPLAN online this year, you may be wondering if headphones are required for your students during the testing process. Find out in this guide from TechXpress.

What Type Of Headphones Are Required For NAPLAN Online?

According to official NAPLAN documentation, “Headphones, earphones or earbuds must be available for the spelling and numeracy tests,” since they are used for several different sections of NAPLAN online.

This means that any type of headphone – from on-ear to over-ear headphones to small earbuds that rest inside the ear canal – can be used for NAPLAN testing. In general, most school administrators prefer on-ear headphones, as they do not pose as much of a hygiene risk and can be more easily cleaned if shared between multiple students.

How Are Headphones Used To Complete NAPLAN Online?

Headphones are needed to access the audio portions of NAPLAN. During some tests, such as spelling tests, an audio file will play. The student will need to listen to the audio file and the word that’s spoken and spell it to complete this section of the NAPLAN test.

To learn more about how NAPLAN online works and prepare for test administration, the public demonstration site is a helpful resource. Accessing the test practice information is highly recommended for students, teachers, and parents alike.

You can use this tool to access NAPLAN online, and look at numeracy tests, conventions of language tests (regarding punctuation, grammar, and spelling), and other NAPLAN tests that students will be taking during the upcoming test period.

Headphones May Be Needed For Students With Disabilities, As Well

NAPLAN Online has alternate items to assist students with disabilities and other impairments. For a blind student, for example, a visual alternative to displaying a question on screen, for example, would be to play the audio of the question using speech-to-text functions.

Or, if a student is deaf, they will be supplied with alternative questions and methods of testing their spelling ability and other audio-based portions of the NAPLAN online test. School administration is responsible for arranging the necessary steps to assist students with disabilities. Students who are disabled should undertake demonstration tests at their school to determine which types of assistance they will need.

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