The Top Benefits Of Using Technology In Your Classroom

If you’re a teacher or administrator in Australian schools, it’s important to prepare students for the technologically-advanced, digital future. In this blog, TechXPress will look at a few of the benefits of using technology to engage students,and why you should be thinking about how you can get started with integrating technology in the classroom.

1. Prepares Students For The Future

Technology is a big part of your student’s lives, and it will be important to build their computer skills, digital knowledge, and emphasize the importance of technology in education to prepare them for life in the 21st century.

Practical skills such as typing and basic computer use remain as essential as ever, and by using digital tools and courses in the classroom, you can also develop their digital literacy in other ways – for example, by teaching them how to access online resources when writing a paper. These are all skills that will be very useful later in life.

2. Students Can Learn In New Ways

All students have different learning styles. While one student may thrive in a standard classroom environment, for example, another may feel more excited by using a multimedia, interactive learning tool on a computer.

The learning process is different for everyone, so by using advanced technology in class, you can improve active participation, create different learning environments for students who may need some extra help, and try new

3. Improved Knowledge Retention

Things like “gamifying learning” and using computer programs in the classroom have been shown to improve overall knowledge retention, especially when combined with traditional classroom learning techniques. Students, particularly young students, can benefit a lot from novelty – so playing a game, taking a “virtual field trip,” or implementing other kinds of technology can be very helpful for overall learning outcomes.

4. Assess Student Progress More Easily

Using digital classroom tools, teachers are able to more easily log and assess student progress, and categorize each student based on their overall performance, missing work, and other such factors. This, in turn, allows students to get additional help if they are having trouble with their coursework, leading to better overall classroom outcomes.

5. Transition To Online Education Seamlessly

As the early response to COVID-19 showed in 2020, Australia was not prepared for a shift to virtual learning. And while the COVID-19 coronavirus is now under control and students are back in school, an enhanced emphasis on technology may make it easier for teachers and students to transition back to online education if this is necessary in the future for any other reason.

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