How To Prepare For NAPLAN 2021 Online – Teacher Edition

2021, many more schools will make the transition to NAPLAN online. All students will be required to sit for NAPLAN online tests in 2021. The transition to online NAPLAN tests was originally intended to be done in 2020, but was delayed by a year by Australia’s education ministers. If you’re a teacher of students in year 3, 5, 7 or 9, you may wondering how you can prepare for NAPLAN 2021 online. TechXpress has put together a few tips you can share with parents and carers to prepare your students for their NAPLAN tests in the coming year.

1. Tell Carers & Parents About The NAPLAN Public Demonstration Site

The NAPLAN Public Demonstration Site is a very powerful tool for carers and parents who want to learn a bit more about how the test is administered, and students can use this site to gain an understanding of the NAPLAN online test format and how it works.The NAPLAN Public Demonstration Site does use a sample of possible questions, but does not fully represent the literacy or numeracy content or skills that are assessed by the full NAPLAN 2021 Online test. This is also why there are no answers provided for the NAPLAN Public Demonstration Site. It’s only intended as a tool for familiarizing students, carers, and parents with how the NAPLAN 2021 test will work.

2. Don’t Worry About Excessive Preparation For Students

Beyond familiarising them with the basics of the NAPLAN online test and how it works, the ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority) reports that excessive preparation for the NAPLAN has “minimal benefits” for kids. While it’s a good idea to provide students with information to support their test-taking, and for them to familiarize themselves with how the NAPLAN works, this is not a high-stakes test – and it should be treated accordingly.

3. Understand What NAPLAN Assesses – And What It Means

NAPLAN assesses overall student performance, and is intended as a general test to make sure Australian students are meeting general educational outcomes. It’s a “snapshot” test meant to be used for overall school improvement. The results will not affect individual students and their academic future.

4. Know How The Online Test Will Be Administered

NAPLAN Online will be administered in schools between 11 to 21 May, 2021. During this time, a special locked-down browser will need to be installed on the devices used to take the NAPLAN test.To ensure that the test goes smoothly, there will also be practice tests in late March and early April 2021. These tests will familiarize students, teachers, and administrative staff with the process that will be used for NAPLAN 2021.

5. Schools Should Test And Prepare Their Technology Early

It is important for Schools to ensure they have the appropriate technology to administer NAPLAN Online. Many schools rely on students to supply their own headphones, but this is particularly risky if students forget to bring them on the day of the test. TechXpress supplies Australian schools with disposable headphones for NAPLAN.

Prepare For NAPLAN 2021 – And Ask Your School Administration For More Information

NAPLAN 2021 is certainly going to be different than the previous years, and we hope this guide from TechXPress has helped you learn a bit more about what to expect. If you have future questions, feel free to reach out to your school administration. As the test date approaches in the coming months, schools will share a lot more information about NAPLAN 2021 with teachers, students, parents, and carers alike. If you’re looking for more information, check out our 2023 NAPLAN FAQ here!