What Hygiene Issues Are There With Classroom Headphones?

Worried about keeping your classroom safe and hygienic? In the age of COVID-19, many teachers and administrators in Australia are wondering if there are any sanitation or hygiene issues to worry about with classroom headphones. In this blog from TechXpress, we’ll explore the answer.

What Hygiene Problems Can Occur With Classroom Headphones?

There are a few common hygiene problems that may occur with classroom headphones, as follows:

  • Earwax – Earwax may be a hygienic issue with in-ear headphones. Unless each child has a specific set of in-ear headphones that only they use, this is one reason why over-the-ear or disposable headphones may be a better option.
  • Parasites like head lice – Head lice are a major concern for young kids, as they can spread very quickly and are very hard to get rid of, particularly in schools.
  • Viruses & bacteria – While viruses and bacteria are unlikely to spread into a child’s ear, reusing used headphones can sometimes spread between kids when they’re handling or using the same pair of headphones without cleaning them.

Over-Ear Headphones Are A More Hygienic Reusable Solution

f you want to use reusable headphones in your classrooms, you should definitely choose over-the-ear headphones. Unlike earbuds or “in-ear” style earphones, these rest outside of a child’s ear, which reduces the risk of nasty earwax or anything else building up on the earphones.

This is particularly true if your classroom does not assign headphones to individual kids, and they may be used by multiple children throughout a school day. It’s also a good idea to wipe down the outside of the headphones with an alcohol wipe to clean them after use, particularly if you’re worried about viruses and bacteria.

Disposable Headphones Provide The Most Protection Against Bacteria And Viruses

If you are very worried about hygiene at your school, the best way to get protection against lice, bacteria, viruses and other such threats is to purchase disposable headphones. These inexpensive headphones are designed to be used only once, and then disposed of or recycled according to your local regulations.

Because these headphones are not designed to be re-used, your students will simply use them once, then turn them over the teacher or toss them in a designated bin after they’ve been used. This also makes them very useful if you and your administrative team only occasionally need headphones at your school – for specific tests, for instance.

Our disposable headphones at TechXpress are available for a very low cost in packs of up to 500, are compatible with all devices that have a 3.5mm headphone jack, and include a 12-month warranty. We are a go-to supplier for single-use headphones throughout Australia.

Make Sure That You’ve Got The Right Headphones To Keep Your Students Safe & Clean!

At TechXpress, we offer over-the-ear headphones that are an ideal choice if you want to re-use headphones, and you don’t mind occasionally wiping them down to kill any parasites, bacteria, or viruses.

We also have cheap, bulk disposable headphones for schools looking for an even better hygienic solution. So think about what you need, and shop with us right away. We’re government-approved suppliers in both NSW and Queensland, and we serve schools, hospitals, and government institutions throughout all of Australia. Contact us now if you have any questions.